Early Childhood Education Assistant

Course Description

An Early Childhood Education Assistant supports all students in classroom environments
and performs duties that are instructional in nature or deliver direct services to students
or parents.This Early Childhood Education Assistant certificate program gives the student
the skills and occupational competencies necessary in the industry today based.

After completion of the program graduates will be able to: Demonstrate basic information
of health, safety and proper nutrition for young children。 Demonstrate knowledge of
basic licensing regulations, safety and hygiene-related to childcare facilities. Demonstrate
knowledge of basic child development. Promote the psychological and physical safety,
health and well-being of each child. Develop and maintain a warm, caring and responsive
relationship with each child . Establish and maintain open and cooperative relationships
with each child’s family. Establish and maintain a supportive and collaborative
relationship with colleagues. Effectively learn how to resolve problems and conflict.
Graduates are eligible to apply for an Early Childhood Education Assistant
license. Lifetime tuition-free access to course refreshers if you ever need to retrain and
update your skills 
·  Monthly start dates so you can start your education when you want to without the wait 
·  Lifetime access to dedicated Employment Services Specialists who can help you with resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and the overall job search after graduation 
· Practicum opportunities with recognized organizations across BC
· Career and professional development success courses to help create a career development marketing plan, learn the cardinal rules of professionalism, and identify the target markets and employment resources in the counselling field 
ECEA100 - Child Growth and Development
· · The process of learning and maturation, child growth and development
· · Cultural, economic, and generational influences on development
· · Schedule B needed for child observations in childcare centres
· · See EC100 course outline for details on applying for ECE Assistant Certificate

ECEA120 - Guiding and Caring 
· · Positive contemporary child guidance practices
· · Understanding the causes and characteristics of inappropriate be haviour
EAEC130 - Health, Safety and Nutrition 
· · Signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses
· · Developing safe and secure environments for young children
· · Policies and procedures for licensing requirements for observing and reporting abuse and neglect
·   Snack and meal planning, and applying the Canada Food Guide in childcare settings

EAEC140 - ECEA Practicum & Touch Back Lab
· · practicum (includes Touch Back Lab) -
· · Application of ECE assistant skills

Admission Requirements:
1,Grade 12 (GED) or Mature Student Status,
2, Applicants must successfully complete the admissions interview and may be required to do an entrance assessment 
3,Excellent communication skills (composition), signing a medical/criminal waiver,completing a health declaration form, submitting a criminal record check, and clear testing for TB. ,
4,Applicants must provide evidence of full COVID-19 vaccination or have a signed vaccination waiver on file 

Marking Scheme
This course has in-class exercises weights 25%, assignments weighs 50%, and one final
project weigh 25% toward the final grade.
Instructors have the discretion to make changes to the marking scheme deemed
necessary. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.


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