Admission Policies


Contextand Purpose

This Policyand related Procedures informs applicants oftheprinciples, requirements and processesfor admission to United PacificCollege(UPC; theCollege).

UPCwill admit qualified applicants, bothdomestic and international, in a consistent, transparent andtimely manneraccordingto approved admission requirements oftheCollegeand/orprogram/course.


Scopeand Limits

This Policyapplies to all applicants and to all programs/courses offered byUnited Pacific College.



1. UPC provides equalityofaccess to theCollegeand its programs/courses regardless of race,ancestry, placeoforigin, colour,ethnicorigin,citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, criminal record, marital status, familystatus ordisabilityexcept wheretheCollege’s operations aregoverned bylegislation.

2. UPC is committed to anadmissions process that is fair, transparent, accessible, and timely.

3. TheCollege will establish program/course admission requirements that seek to optimizestudent access and success; requirementscan beacademic and non-academic in nature.

4. Admission requirements are approved byPrivateCareerTraining Institutions Agency (PCTIA). Admission requirements forprograms arelisted in theProgramContent Guide (PCG). Admission requirements for coursesthat arenot part ofaprogram are listed in theCourse Outlines.

5. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and others determined eligiblebyCitizenship andImmigration Canadato studyin Canadaareeligibleto applyfor admission.

6. TheCollege admits students on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis wherebystudents must satisfyall admissions criteriato establish eligibilityandarethen offered places bydateof eligibility. Exceptions are:

1) programs/courses that useselectiveadmissions processes to rank order qualified applicants; and returningstudents whoapplyto bereadmitted (insert students)into aprogram at an advanced level.

7. To ensurethat theCollegeis not rejectingwell qualified students becausetheyhavea non-traditional educational background, theCollegemayuse flexible assessment processes. Toensureconsistencyand fairness, standardized evaluation processes will beused to assess applicants’qualifications viaaFlexible Assessment Committee.

8. Applicants areresponsible forprovidingall required documents fortheir programs/courses as outlined on theCollege’s website.

9. TheCollege will providea reviewmechanism forapplicants who arenot satisfied with an admissions decision.



General College Admission Requirements

1. To be admitted to theCollege,applicants must qualifyas eitherdomesticstudents or as international students.

a. Applicants who arein possession ofvalid documentation confirmingtheir legal status as Canadiancitizens, orpermanent residents will qualifyas domesticstudents.

b. Applicants who arenot domesticstudents who meet theguidelines established forinternational students studying in CanadabyCitizen and Immigration Canada will qualifyas internationalstudents.

2. At thetimeof enrolment,students must be at least 16years of age. Thereisno upper agelimit.


Program/Course Admission Requirements

1. Once applicants havemet thegeneral UPC admission requirements, theymust then meet the admission requirements oftheprogram/course as listed in the approved Program Content GuideorCourse Outline.

2. Students who havebeenout ofhigh school formorethan four(4)years will be considered maturestudents and will not haveto demonstratehigh schoolgraduation unless required byaprogram accreditingbody. Maturestudents still need to submit proofof all otheracademic and non-academicadmission requirements.

ApplyingforAdmissions at UPC

1. Applications to UPC programs and courses ofstudyaremadethrough anApplication Form that is availableontheCollegewebsiteorthrough theRegistration Area.

2. Applicants arerequired to:

a. Submit all required documents as outlined on theCollegewebsiteincluding, but not limited to, official transcripts, original assessment results, proofof citizenship, orothernon-academic requirements.

b. Payanapplication fee, whererequired.

c. Theminimum penaltyforsubmittingfraudulentapplication related documents is aoneyearrestriction from anyUPC program andcourses.

3. Forstudents ladderinginto higherlevel programs without abreak in theirstudies, a new application is not required.

4.Applicants will bepermitted to transfertheir application from oneprogram/courseto anotherprogram/coursewithin one (1)yearof applying.

5. In programs wheredemand exceeds capacityapplicants arewaitlisted in order oftheir qualifyingdate.

6. Applicants will beofficiallynotified of admissiondecisions bytheRegistration Area.

7. Applicants will benotified of conditional acceptance and ofanysubmission deadlines bytheRegistration Area.

PriorLearningAssessment and Recognition (PLAR)

1. Students seekingPLARmust applyand submit all supportingdocumentation to the Registration Areaand paytheapplicablefee.Forfurtherinformation pleasesee PolicyofPriorLearning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).


1. Applications areconsidered valid forone(1)yearfrom theinitial submission date.

TheRegistration Area will inform the applicant oftheirstatus and request confirmation of continued interest. Failureto respond will result in closingthe application.

2. Applicants whose applications have expired must reapplyforadmission and are responsible forpaying anew application fee. Allsupportingdocumentation is kept foroneyearafterapplications have expired.

Admissions Review

1. Students can appealan admissions decision bysubmittingan Admissions Review form within 30 days ofbeingnotified ofthedecision. Forms are availablefrom the Registration Areaand must besubmitted alongwith anysupportingdocumentation.

2. TheRegistration Area will determineifthesupportingdocumentation meets the admission/selection requirements in consultation withthe relevant department as required.

3. TheRegistration Area will notifythe applicant inwritingoftheresults ofthe Admissions Review within 15 business days afterthe form and supporting documentation havebeensubmitted.


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