Digital Marketing

 Digital Marketing (30 hours)

Course Description

This course provides the student with e-Marketing techniques and strategies that can help any forward-thinking organization be competitive in today's business environment. Key areas that promise to leverage the power of Internet are: customer relationship management (CRM); 1:1 marketing; permission-based e-mail marketing; viral marketing; attributes of a good Website and Website marketing goals; Website promotion/search engine positioning/ranking, and key Internet technologies/terminologies/acronyms.

Prerequisite: Marketing Level II or equivalent.

Description of Modules

Chapter  1

Introduction to E-Marketing

Chapter  2

Strategic E-Marketing and Performance Metrics

Chapter  3

The E-Marketing Plan

Chapter  4

Global E-Marketing

Chapter  5

Ethical and Legal Issues

Chapter  6

E-Marketing Research

Chapter  7

Consumer Behavior Online 

Chapter  8

Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation, and Positioning Strategies

Chapter  9

Product: The Online Offer

Chapter 10

Price: The Online Value

Chapter 11

The Internet for Distribution

Chapter 12

E-Marketing Communication

Chapter 13

Customer Relationship Management on e-business

Marking Scheme

This course has in-class exercises weights 25%, assignments weighs 50%, and one final project weigh 25% toward the final grade.

Instructors have the discretion to make changes to the marking scheme deemed necessary. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.

Grading scale:


94 – 100%


75 –   79%


90 –   93%


70 –   74%


86 –   89%


60 –   69%


83 –   85%


   0 –   59%


80 –   82%



Total Training Hours: 30 hours
Training Frequency: 3 hours at one time; twice a week; schedule with trainers
Training Duration:     weeks
Delivery Method:   On-Campus or On-Sit (send trainers to participants’ workplace)
Tuition Fee: $3800.00
Instructors / Trainers:  Jeff Chiang / TBA
Class Capacity:
On-campus Training: Maximum 15 students per class
On-site Training: Maximum 10 students

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