Business Administration and Management Diploma

Program Description

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of Ministry of advanced Education Skills & Training.

Business Administration and Management Diploma (BAMD) program is designed to provide students with business and business-related technical and professional training, which prepares students to perform successfully a rapid changing business environment. This program provides a solid training for knowledge in business administration and management, including accounting, finance, economics, communications, marketing,information systems, management, and quantitative analysis. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be awarded a Diploma in Business Administration and Management.

  • NOC 1211- Supervisors, general office and administrative support workers

  • NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting

  • NOC 1221 –Administrative Officer

  • This information is found according to the following website:

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will:\
1. Gain skills in business management.
2. Demonstrate reasoning, creative thinking, problem solving, and analytical thinking skills.
3. Have abilities to acquire, organize, and present information through strong verbal and written communications skills.
4. Understand global aspects of business.
5. Obtain knowledge in different business functions, including accounting, finance, management, marketing, and operations. 

Career Occupation:

Supervisor; Financial manager; Human resources manager; Purchasing manager.

Admission Requirements

1. Completion of 60 or more post-secondary credit hour;

2. Meet one of the English proficiency requirements:
     a) A minimum of 500 in formal TOEFL or in house TOEFL conducted by UPC, or TOEFL IBT 61, or IELTS 6, or;
      b) Four years of full-time education in Canada or an English-speaking country.
Tuition and Fees

1. Application fee: $250.00 (domestic students); $1000.00 (International students);
2. Assessment fee:$250.00;
3. Official transcript: $20.00 per copy;
4. Textbook: Optional (students may purchase their own copies);
5. Tuition: A total of $15,000.00 per program 

Program Duration

The duration of the program is 12 months.

Learning Resources

Learning resources are mainly from textbooks, while some are from real-life case studies, internet information, as well as videos.
For details, please refer to each class syllabus.

Delivery Methods:

In-class instruction, Distance/Online, or Combined
Program Organization*  

The following 11 courses will be covered in one year from this program.

Title of Course
Hours of Instruction
1 ACCT 101* Accounting I 40 3
2 ECON 101 * Introduction to Microeconomics 40 3
3 ECON 201* Introduction to Macroeconomics 40 3
4 MAGT 201* Entrepreneurship and Management 40 3
5 QMSC 201* Probability and Business Statistics 40 3
6 BUAD 211 Business Environment 40 3
7 ACCT 212 Cost Management 40 3
8 CMIS 212 Computers and Management Information Systems 40 3
9 FNCE 211 Financial Management 40 3
10 MAGT 213 Operations Management 40 3
11 MKTG 211 Strategic Marketing Management 40 3

"*" are related introductory courses as pre-requisites of taking other courses for students who lack of knowledge
     in basic accounting, economics, management, and statistics.

Marking Scheme

Most classes have two major exams; each weigh at least 30% towards the final grade. For some classes, there are case studies, term projects, presentations, and etc. Generally, class attendance weighs 5%, assignments weigh 10%, and exams weigh 60%, presentation, participation, and term project together weigh 25%.

nstructors have the discretion to make changes to the marking scheme deemed necessary. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.

Grading scale for each class is as follows:
A 94-100%
A- 90-93%
B+ 86-89%
B 83-85%
B- 80-82%
C+ 75-79%
C 70-74%
D 60-69%
F 0-59%

Requirements for Graduation

1. Courses with grades lower than "C" are not counted toward the completion of BAMD program at UPC.
2. Upon successful completion of 11 courses, Business Administration & Management Diploma will be granted by UPC.



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